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Foreign Language School is the best institute for pursuing a course in the English language in the Bangalore. English is one of the most widely spoken languages. English is used in many parts of the world and is often the language that is common to people who have a first language other than English.

  • The greatest advantage of studying English is that your career prospects and employment opportunities can vastly increase
  • When you have a command of the English language, travelling and interacting with people of different nationalities can become easier and more enjoyable
  • English is very often the language used for many software programs and for those that are technologically minded and ambitious; the study of English can provide them with useful benefits and knowledge
  • In almost all the erstwhile Commonwealth countries, including India, and in the North American Continent, English continues to be the sole Official Language
  • English is an international and worldwide language that most people in the western world can speak these days. Even though Spanish, mandarin, German and French might me spoken by more people, it isn't as spread as English
  • English has become a lingua franca; that is, a language that many people share, so they can speak with each other
  • Another advantage if you learn English isyou can get a lot of information from the internet easily
  • Most major world organizations and functions are administered in English, including the United Nations, Most international business is in English, and the language is often used between people from different nations

We at Foreign Language School offer the best English language course in Bangalore, for school children and also for those who want to pursue careers related to English.

At Foreign Language School, we have a strong English faculty with both native and Indian trainers, who train the students at different levels starting from A1 for beginners to C2 for professionals. Foreign Language School encourages the students and offers a student-friendly environment so that the students may learn the language in a very easy and joyful way.

Discover the best English language school in the Bangalore city!

Our team of professional teachers uses a variety of interesting techniques in the classroom. They help to improve students' learning strategies and encourage them to become more independent learners. We offer a great opportunity to study in a caring community atmosphere.

Elementary Level (A1)
This is the fundamental stage of the language wherein the student learns to use basic and familiar words, sentences, and expressions that are very much needed in day-to-day conversations. After completing this level at Foreign Language School, the student can introduce oneself and even others and can start indulging in general, basic conversations.

Elementary Level (A2)
After the successful completion of this level at Foreign Language School, the student can understand sentences and words which are commonly attached to routine or day-to-day themes, that is, personal or his/her family information, professional experiences, or immediate surroundings. The students can build dialogues and get in touch with other English speakers on themes relating to day to day situations.

Intermediate Level (B1)
After the successful completion of this level at Foreign Language School, the student gets familiar with the standard language which helps him/her to get acquitted to topics related to professional life and cultural diversity and starts to learn to read small texts or books on varied themes and concerns. The student, after this level, can express emotions and dreams or put forward their opinion on many debatable topics.

Intermediate Level (B2)
This is one of the important levels of the English language program. After the successful completion of this level at Foreign Language School, the student acquires the ability to understand the concerns and thematic issues of not only simple texts but also the complex ones. We at Foreign Language School train and encourage the students at this level to understand and take part in specialized discussions relating to one’s specialization. The fluency and the conversational part is a vital part of this level wherein students can converse fluently with native English speakers without any hesitation.

Advance Level (C1)
In this level, the student enters a professional realm of the language. After the successful completion of this level at Foreign Language School, the student can easily read many a challenging text, and also have demanding conversations. The student gets familiar not only dealing with literary books or issues but also scientific ones. The student, at this level acquires the effectiveness and flexibility to converse and write in the field of one’s specialisation.

Advance Level (C2)
This is the highest level of the language where the Foreign Language School team focus on brushing up the skills of the student. At this level, the trainer takes on the role of a moderator. He helps the student acquire that level wherein he/she can effortlessly understand practically everything he/she reads or hears.

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